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Power of the Marketplace Alumni Dinner - Guest Reservation Only

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September 12, 2017
Seven Lions Restaurant, 130 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603
At the Power of the Marketplace Conference

Has an alum of Leadership Illinois invited you to learn more about Leadership Illinois by attending the Power of the Marketplace alumni dinner?  We warmly invite you to join us and learn more about Leadership Illinois and meet our amazing Leadership Illinois alumni and the Class of 2017.

Alumni Dinner Details 

Date:  September 12, 2017
Time:  5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Location:  Seven Lions | 130 S. Michigan Avenue | Chicago
Keynote Speaker:  Gail Mancuso, Photographer, Gail Mancuso Photography

Award-winning Chicago photographer, Gail Mancuso, captures the unique pulse, silhouettes and forms reflected in urban landscapes, the female form and pop culture. Through her lens, Gail renders these quotidian subjects into strikingly elaborate compositions that subtly blur the boundary between photography and painterly impressions.
With a discerning eye for color, texture and composition, Gail’s photography is infused with a poetic sensibility and lingering curiosity. She combines and layers images, sometimes more than 400, which blended together take on a life of their own as a rich mosaic of city life.  Of particular note is her début cityscape photomontage series, Synchronicity, featuring iconic urban landscapes such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London - each relatable, yet timeless.
On the heels of her successful cityscapes, Gail turned to the realm of beauty and fashion for inspiration, illuminating the female form in her elegant series, La Femme.  Exhibited at galleries in Chicago and New York, this series has been compared by a local journalist to a mélange of Richard Avedon and Aaron Siskind.
With an ever-evolving eye, Gail’s latest series, Torn, takes photomontage to new textural dimensions.  She repurposes raw media and pop culture by tearing and crumpling images, and then photographs, blurring the lines between photography and abstract modern art. Her compositions are distinctly approachable, drawing the viewer in.

A model-turned-photographer, Gail is already turning heads for her award-winning photography, which is receiving global attention.  In 2015, she received La Prix de la Photographie award in Paris, as well as several international photography awards in France, Russia and Japan.  She has also had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US and worldwide, from Moscow to Japan to Italy.

Chicago Synchronicity resides in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office in City Hall, along with a 25-foot installation at renowned Alpana Singh’s Seven Lions restaurant across from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Additionally, San Francisco Synchronicity is housed in San Francisco Mayor Edward Lee’s office as a tribute to the City by the Bay.  

Beyond creating large-scale art for public and corporate installations, her limited-edition works are held in private collections throughout the US, UK and Italy.  As an emerging international photographer, Gail has been featured in media including World Art Dubai, Michigan Avenue Magazine, Splash and on television with NBC Universal’s Chicago Justice.

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