Power of the Marketplace | Conferences
Power of the Marketplace | Conferences

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Our Annual Conference Series is your backstage pass to companies, organizations, and government. Each conference is a series of interactive mini-events that change leadership for the better.

Power of the Marketplace

Power of the Marketplace

Attend Power of the Marketplace and learn what influences a global city like Chicago, and how many factors shape the marketplace.

September 23-25, 2020
La Quinta Inn & Suites Downtown, Chicago, IL

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Conference Overview

The marketplace is defined as a place where a particular product or service is bought or sold, or the conditions for buying and selling there.  But truly what makes up the marketplace in a global city like Chicago or a small rural town in the midwest?  It may differ, yet the foundation is the same.

We can talk about healthcare, education, the arts, entrepreneurs, non-profits, corporations, media, government, banking, the service industries . . . and the list goes on and on.  It is a broad topic that each and everyone of us plays an important role.  Our 2020 POM planning committee will begin to work on next year's conference very soon.  Check back in 2020 for updates! 

  • The conferences of Leadership Illinois give you an unexpected sort of access to people you normally would only see in a lecture hall or press conference. You aren't just listening to prepared remarks, you are asking questions and giving opinions and having a conversation with some of the most influential people in politics and business today.
    - Julia Pluff, Class of 2008

  • It was (and still is) a breath of fresh air in my perspective of my own future. Hearing and seeing women demonstrate [being successful leaders and still be themselves], makes a world of difference.
    - Kathleen Wessel, Class of 2011

The Alumni Dinner

The alumni dinner in Chicago is always an award-winning event.  Where will it be in 2020?  Watch your email and the website for details to be posted as soon as they are available.